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"the wisdom of man is within"

Manosophy a teaching brotherhood


Manosophy Inc. was founded in 1970 by Rev. Laura Ellis. Our founder had been researching for many years the occult, metaphysical, mystical and spiritual aspects of life. Her approach was insightful, intuitional, thorough and determined. It was her goal was to approach these subjects from a rational, non-subjective, mental and objective point of view. She formed a small group of likeminded people and started their group efforts in the 1950's. they explored astrology, palmistry, the Vedas, magic, healing, naturopathy, numerology, Egyptology, and all the great religions. The works of Jung, Mesmer, Gurdjieff, Yogananda and many others were considered. Each member reporting on their own experience and reading of materials. From time to time speakers were brought in to lecture to the group about their special information on more arcane points. the group met for years, experimenting discussing and reading, sharing all they encountered. Their final conclusion was that "the wisdom of man is within" and that the higher power of each individual is connected with the wisdom of all the ages. That this connection is active as a part of the Universal Unconscious.

Indeed most mysteries were well understood from this point of view. As each soul traveled from life to life this connection improved and a refined sensitivity to this information was formed.

Their search was made more difficult because there was so little in print on these subjects and not readily available to the public. Sources were traded and thoughts considered until some unity of thought was found and these became known as "The Teachings" As they became more sure of their information, they knew that others would like to know these same things and so the teaching Brotherhood was founded. Rev. Ellis' consciousness of sharing and helping each other on the path to the truth of knowing was such a rarity. She freely gave counsel to many individually, those in groups and then to teachers of groups-it was a gift she gave to many during her lifetime. She passed away some years ago and since then the group has been guided by Rev. Barbara Strauss, a direct student of Rev. Ellis'.

The Rev. Barbara Strauss has helped many as a teacher, healer, psychic, writer, and advocate of the individual search for knowledge of truth. On the pages that follow you will find some of the understanding that came from that original group and from recent adventures in these areas of understanding. Our aim is to aid each person in their search. You will find not only written works that you may refer to but teachers who follow in these traditions. We affirm with you that you are you own best teacher-you know what you need to know to move forward with more awareness. Sometimes it helps to discuss this with another who has traveled on the path of truth. May you feel, know and move in this awareness of truth of self and its many mysteries.