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"the wisdom of man is within"

What to look for in a Psychic








PARAPSYCHOLOGY (Gifts of Healing, of the Holy Spirit, Psychic Phenomena, Astrology, Divining, etc.) is a new SCIENCE in the research state. There are a lot of honest and sincere people in the field, as well as the charlatans that we find in EVERY walk of life.

The purpose of this information is to help you to identify the person (psychic) who is giving you the reading or counseling.  EVERYONE is psychic-depending on the degree used and the purpose for its use!


1.      Psychic counselors are NOT "fortune tellers"-the days of the roving (and sometimes raving) gypsies who "told your future" are over. Most psychics are caring people, spiritually in-tune and dedicated. Be AWARE of the underdeveloped, over-priced, ego-centered student psychic testing his/her talent on you for a fee. A reading is an EXCHANGE of ENERGY-so you should pay a fee and receive honest impressions.

2.      MR. "Z" AND MADAM "X" have been replaced by hard working, honest people-sincere in their desire to bring you information that may not be available to you in other ways. These people are interested in you in a professional way and caring seems to be a special talent with them also. Person, sexual and dictatorial attitudes should be suspect and indicative that they are NOT on the level.

3.      The best type of reading varies as most psychics specialize in the area for which they are best suited. Do not shun something just because you have not heard of it. However, taking flowers, vegetables and milk to the reader- for any purpose is NOT NORMAL. Let common sense dictate reason.

4.      The promise of incantations, candle-burning, Prayers and Astral Travel on your behalf have value when YOU-yourself-perform them. YOU CONTROL YOUR WORLD NOT OTHERS! Do not turn that responsibility and pleasure over to someone else in the time of need. Curses and "bad" vibrations are a fact-but ONLY if you are receptive to them. They work off of fear-so REPLACE FEAR WITH FAITH!

5.      A set fee for their time--is normal. Pay that fee and NO MORE. If you have asked in advance and a set fee given, that is all you should pay.

6.      If they offer to pray and light candles for you they do NOT need more money-unless you are buying these candles from them to light at home yourself. THEN you should pay only for the cost of the candles.

7.      Every reading should have some information that you can identify with, as well as identify you. Take the advice given seriously, but once again, temper it with your own common sense.

8.      NO PSYCHIC is "on" twenty four hours a day.  If your psychic is honest enough to tell you that he or she is not in tune with your vibrations, be pleased that they are being honest with you. They may be having an "off" day, they may have been doing too much, or YOU may be blocking the psychic by putting up a sub-conscious barrier. Remember it is an exchange of vibrations, and you can help by being OPEN and RESPONSIVE.

9.      Be aware of the psychic that questions you all about your family and history-and then turns around and "feeds" it all back to you as a "Psychic Impression"

10.  The best way to seek a good psychic is by REFERRAL. There are churches and reputable organizations in your area that can refer you to someone who is honest and sincere, as well as QUALIFIED. There is a saying: "What you seek, seeks you." There are many whose gift will be a blessing.

For the most part, the majority of counselors are spiritual and sincere and accept this responsibility as their religious belief and according to the Holy Bible. (I Corinthians-Chapter 12)

We hope this brings LIGHT to you!!